Public profile at DEALERBAG

Hooray! We are pleased to inform you that we have developed and connected the public profiles for sellers module in the DEALERBAG system, which does really help in setting up a business partnership. Now you can find internet business opportunities faster and with more qualifications through our online business services.
The main function of the system (Customer Requests for Goods and Services and Sellers' Offers) is supplemented with a feature that is similar to a business social network.
For now, each seller is obliged to create a public page on which will be the seller’s logo, name, and advertising wallpaper.
The public profile includes four parts:
1) About Seller: Here, the seller can enter a small piece of text about their business, company, staff, and company achievements. Be creative when describing yourself - it can attract a lot of customers!
2) Products: Here, the seller can add the types of goods they produce along with descriptions of the services they provide. For those products and services, buyers will be able to submit direct requests by clicking on the appropriate button. We highly recommend that you give the most accurate description of all the characteristics of your services since customers choose from among several sellers and it is important for them to get exactly what they imagined when ordering. Describe your products attractively, but do not fantasize.
3) Press Releases: Here, the seller can post company press releases. Even if they are insignificant and not interesting to the general public, each company has something to share with the target audience.
Naturally, we will soon add a special button (paid) to promote those press releases in different countries. This is one of the best PR options on our platform that will attract millions of clients to your profile page!
4) Reviews: Ratings and reviews from buyers on transactions conducted with this seller will be displayed. That is the most important page that makes up your rating. Be friendly and fair with customers and your rating will work for you, bringing in millions in profits.
From the buyers’ side, there is a convenient search for the products and public profiles of sellers.
People love to advertise themselves and we decided to play on this weakness. We believe, however, that this functionality only complements the basic idea of DEALERBAG - setting up a business partnership - with the movement from the buyers’ application to the business partnership agreement with the seller.
Join us! We would be happy to assist you in promoting your products. Earn a reputation and get more customers by simply sitting at home on the couch. The world of B2B services does not stand still and the internet allows you to make breakthroughs in areas where it was difficult just yesterday. Now there is a whole untapped highway which is waiting for the most persistent sellers and their future customers. A strategic partnership has never been so easy to set up. Find business opportunities quickly and easily. Be smarter than the rest! Join the largest private social partnership network and find strategic alliances through your profile page! The B2B community on is waiting for you!