PR strategy of DEALERBAG

DEALERBAG confidently strides across the internet through London, Paris, New York... and these are only a small part of the cities that we want to conquer! In the future, we expect to be found in Bangkok, Tokyo, Ottawa, and even Dubai! All of the most reliable sellers and the most impatient buyers from the world's leading financial capitals will be found in one place:
So, what is the big news today? The management of DEALERBAG has signed a contract with leading PR agencies in New York. At this moment, the leading sharks of the advertising business are promoting us. Their only dream is to make it happen while gathering the most reliable business partners in one place so that you can join the largest community of entrepreneurs while simply sitting in your comfortable office chair or while having tea at home.
Why are we so confident? Partly because we are constantly working to improve our site. Every week there are new chips whose main task is to simplify communication between the seller and the buyer in the B2B community. Among the latter can be found direct and smart contracts. In addition, the site already operates in several languages allowing you to find suppliers and buyers almost anywhere in the world and to create business partnership agreements in just five minutes! Isn't that fantastic?
We are pleased to inform you that journalists from magazines including The Economist and the Guardian are interested in our platform. They have written about our unique project which has no equivalent in the modern internet. We are pioneers inviting you to join us in the origins of a new era and to share with us the taste of victory! Join the largest private social partnership network today and see your profits tomorrow!
In B2B systems, there are certain features that make business communication much more difficult than in B2C or B2G. The most important of these features include:
♦ The small number of buyers in the B2B community makes the number of legal entities significantly lower than the number of retail consumers.
♦ Consumers are guided by more rational motives when purchasing.
♦ Consumers are more often very knowledgeable about the product they are buying.
♦ The demand is not elastic.
♦ Direct sales dominate B2B segments.
♦ Purchase decisions are made by the procurement center which consists of the following participants: a solver, a purchaser, a user, an influencer, and an informant.
♦ The ability to build a long, trusting relationship between the supplier and the customer in B2B services.
We can solve many problems and simplify the communication process for setting up business partnerships via B2B services. The most important aspect of our business social network which attracts business journalists is the free salesperson base, which is constantly updated and checked by our administration. Just imagine no longer having to pay for a supplier database, half of which will be outdated. All this is provided free of charge to those who are looking for a business partner.
Business dating is not needed anymore! You no longer need to spend time and money to arrive at a meeting with a business partner. Just one meeting will be enough to sign an agreement since you will receive all the data you need about the seller in one second on There you can also see the feedback given about a particular supplier and choose on the basis of reliable and complete information about your prospective future business partners. That is how our business social network will give you the opportunity not only to find business partners at but also to build strategic partnerships and to find strategic alliances.