Important change on the platform

We are pleased to inform you that this month we have decided to carry out an important reform on the platform. We will be changing the main terminology forever. Now, there will be no <«>requests<»> and <«>answers<»> for items, but instead, there will be <«>tenders<»> and <«>bids<»> for them.
Our marketers have discovered that in many countries, these new words are more understandable to users. We had a special focus group and most people understood more about the mechanism of our product when some created the tender while others submitted bids with offers.
As it turns out, these words emphasize competition and the need for competition to win a tender and make a deal.
The mechanism of tenders, we believe, is very undervalued. But it will be appreciated in the future because there will be fewer buyers in the B2B market and more and more sellers offering the same goods or services. This is a consequence of globalization - you cannot fight it. Markets are becoming global, quick, and highly competitive.
So now, the tender mechanism will help us. The buyer occupies a key role in the economy of the future as they want to pay money for a product or service and to get it under the best conditions.
In the past, a buyer would have to go between the ranks of sellers, talking to everyone, bargaining, and randomly selecting a seller.
But, tomorrow the situation will have changed and the one who is paying will have a far more convenient selection mechanism in these fair and affordable tenders. This mechanism for convenient tendering is the main DEALERBAG functionality.
The buyer anonymously creates a tender. This only must be done once for everyone. The buyer carefully writes what product or service they are ready to purchase and under what conditions. Then they choose the right country, category, and necessary hashtags for the most accurate targeting of offers. Sellers can see the tender text but do not see who posted it. They carefully read the text before submitting an application. Why? But because participation in the tender is paid! With this mechanism, we protect the buyer from annoying communication from sellers.
According to the text of the tender, some sellers will simply see that they will be unable to fulfill all of the buyer’s conditions and then simply will not participate in the tender, because of fear of paying for participation in something that they will not win. Another seller will read the same tender and see that it contains a profile order for their company. They take part in the tender, discuss all of the conditions via chat and, if successful, win the tender.
Everything is fine! The mechanism worked: the buyer, protected from spam, bought at the best conditions and a decent seller sold. All of this happened while intermediaries and greedy people were set aside.
Tender is better than public requests!
There are a number of reasons for this, which are listed below.
1. The choice of performers by tender is an advantageous solution. Since fair competition and equality are implied, there is no corruption and or favor towards unqualified sellers.
2. The tender functionality allows you to select a larger number of applicants and compare them. That is a great opportunity to build strategic partnerships and to make price comparisons.
3. If your company wins the competition on our business social network and becomes a performer of a serious tender, then you not only make a profit for your organization but also ensure both yourself and your company a solid reputation in front of potential customers in the B2B community for years.
4. Finally, in dealing with a proven customer with a large number of reviews on our website, you can be sure that they will fulfill their obligations under the contract.
On our site, you can place tenders of completely different sizes, which is very convenient for small and medium businesses. So, you can find as many small business opportunities as big business opportunities.