Exclude intermediaries. Reduce costs. Increase your profit!

If you compare the initial cost of a product with its final price, you will be very surprised because there is sometimes a difference of up to 300%! The price comparison will just amaze you! Why is there such a big difference? This is due to the large number of intermediaries who are involved in the process of selling goods.
For example, in the modern world, a manufacturer produces consumer goods and spends all of its time and effort on the quality of its product and on its production. Then, the manufacturer adds its margin of3-5% and sells this product to different companies. These companies take the product to different countries and sell it to retailers with an additional 3-5% of profit added to the price.
A retailer who sells goods to consumers adds a profit margin of 30-100% to the product. Altogether, this figure can sometimes reach 300%! This is how it looks on a scheme:


Thank goodness that in the modern economy this scheme is slowly crumbling. Different online business services push out intermediaries. Now, any business person can find internet business opportunities and earn more money through them.
Now, the B2B community is going in an even smarter direction. This is reflected in the fact that factories now open websites and online stores, deliver to their consumers, stock stores, and also appear in different cities, thanks to which the delivery speed increases.
The buyer has also become smarter. They go to the store as if in a showroom, not to buy, but to look and feel the goods. After returning home, they place their order on the internet. The next day they can just pick up their order from the box next to their house (because the individual courier takes a long time to arrive).
Our platform is designed to delete a large number of unnecessary intermediaries. Try to find wholesale suppliers and you can order the necessary products for your store at once. We can assure you that you will become our regular customer forever!