We are pleased to inform you that from December 18, 2018 to February 18, 2019, DEALERBAG will be holding its first round of investment for the seed stage. We invite investors to familiarize themselves with our MVP on our website, are ready to answer any questions that you may have. Also, if you are interested, we will send our pitch deck and white paper to you by email.
DEALERBAG BUSINESS PLATFORM accelerates international and local business, bypasses middlemen, reduces costs, and makes competition really tough and honest.

DEALERBAG will be useful for any organization or private entrepreneur around the world. It helps buyers and sellers to easily navigate and conclude the most profitable deals in the highly competitive, quick, global market.
Buyers can reduce their costs; improve the quality and condition of purchased goods and services; and diversify partner risk.
Sellers can save on their marketing budget by selling goods and services directly to interested buyers at the right price.
DB is a smart community for modern and future generations. In the future, it will help users to become stronger and to sell products without the need for advertising budgets. It is like a personal radio or a club of select conspirators who will rule the market tomorrow!
Best Regards,