DEALERBAG authors announce a new Business Book!

Marketing in the future will be very different from marketing today. Or rather, it will die. So this book could easily be called Why Marketing Must Die. WMMD could become a bible and a blockbuster - a reference book for any businessperson!
Why is marketing going to die?
There are four main reasons:
1. Due to the global economic crisis, people will not be able to consume products, a high content of the cost of which is the advertising budget, store rent, and other components.
2. Because new generations are developing advertising blindness and no longer pay attention to advertising. They stream TV and use blocking programs or the brain itself is already turned off at the time advertising starts.
3. Because internet technology that makes everything simpler and better for buyers, not sellers, has begun to emerge. ( is one such system.)
4. Because markets are becoming highly competitive. There are few buyers while many sellers are trying to sell their not always high-quality goods using advertisers, PR specialists, marketers, dialers, spammers, and other unnecessary professionals who must die out in the future.
What exactly makes DEALERBAG better for the buyer? - gives anonymity to the buyer, protects them from spam, and gives them a tool to compare and choose the best service provider or supplier of goods in the B2B segment.
What is good about DEALERBAG is that spammers and dealers can be sent to the trash just by pressing one button: Reject! is only one system and one of the pioneers. In the future, there will be a lot of services and projects in various industries - even in retail - where the buyer will say what they want and at what price and the sellers will offer the best conditions just to sell their product.
We chose the B2B sphere for a reason: it is now the most ready to switch to a new model, unlike retail.
In the retail world, there will always be impulsive, casual purchases as well as walks around shopping centers and bazaars. But B2B trade and services are already very serious, so there is no time for emotion.
Prices can be reduced only by choosing the best partners. So, we made a system for choosing the best partners and for making deals with them!
In short, here are the questions this book will answer:
- How exactly do transactions work now (in B2B, in retail, and in different areas)?
- How will they work in the future?
- How is the buyer looking for and choosing products now?
- How will the buyer do the same tomorrow?

Join us today and profit tomorrow!
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