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DEALERBAG allows you to securely place commercial requests and choose a partner for their implementation, conduct Tenders of any size, in any field and any country, help you to find HOT Customers who are looking for your exact product or service and are interested in buying it right now. The DEALERBAG mission is to promote local and international cooperation.

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Place your B2B Tender

Place your Tenders without revealing contact information. Describe what kind of products or services you’re looking for. List out the desired conditions and options in detail. Attach supporting documents to the Tender, if any.

Get a variety of Bids

As soon as you place a B2B Tender, you get Bids from different Sellers. Chat with them and choose the Best Seller for your Tender that matches your requirement.

Close the Best Deals

Choose the best Bid and conclude your Deal with a Seller. Continue to use DEALERBAG to control the Deal and secure exchange of messages and documents. When the Deal is completed, evaluate the Seller and write him a review.

The DEALERBAG Advantages

Learn how DEALERBAG can help you

DEALERBAG is new instrument for highly competitive, ever-changing global market

Allows to reduce costs for one type of companies and find hot customers for others

Confidential communication between parties via our secured messenger and e-document flow onsite

Feedback mechanism helps to learn the reputation of the Buyer prior to the Deal

Highly effective fraud protection system to filter out spam Tenders and advertisements

Sellers can custom sort Tenders by name, category, country and hashtags

Verified sellers receives a blue tick in their profile

Easily get rid of obsessive communication in the system

You can use DEALERBAG on your Android and iOS devices, No mobile app required

Make Tenders from anywhere in the world and Sellers from across geographies will offer their quotes

Realtime streamline for fast and smart businesses

DEALERBAG is redefining global business communication
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Many Different Categories

DEALERBAG is a one stop shop in various categories of products and services in any industry

Our Blog

Learn why to do Business with DEALERBAG

We are pleased to inform you that from December 18, 2018 to February 18, 2019, DEALERBAG will be holding its first round of investment for the seed stage.

Important change on the platform
Good evening, dear friends! We are pleased to inform you that this month we have decided to carry out an important reform on the platform. We will be changing the main terminology forever.

Exclude intermediaries. Reduce costs. Increase your profit!
If you compare the initial cost of a product with its final price, you will be very surprised because there is sometimes a difference of up to 300%! The price comparison will just amaze you! Why is there such a big difference?

DEALERBAG authors announce a new Business Book!
What Is This Book About? Marketing in the future will be very different from marketing today. Or rather, it will die. So this book could easily be called Why Marketing Must Die. WMMD could become a bible and a blockbuster - a reference book for any businessperson!

Public profile at DEALERBAG
We are pleased to inform you that we have developed and connected the public profiles for sellers module in the Dealerbag system, which does really help in setting up a business partnership.

PR strategy of DEALERBAG
DEALERBAG confidently strides across the internet through London, Paris, New York... and these are only a small part of the cities that we want to conquer!
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